Thank you for visiting this page, my name is Phillip. My journey to learn more about the acai berry has gone far and wide. Consumers are constantly bombarded with this berry’s promotion hype. There is value in this superfood. However, this site attempts to list and promote new products arriving on the market. I will not promote any single product with a review, that is up to each personal choice. I do list ways to learn more about what you buy, so enjoy your journey.

Acai Berry products on this website will give you a better understanding what to look for when products label Acai as an ingredient. You may not know where to look and what to look for, but rest assured there is a huge market from pulp form, juices and even makeup.

I have listed several points to keep in mind while reviewing products.

What to look for:

  • Non-organic antioxidant products can contain chemical pesticides, herbicides and other toxins.
  • Acai Must Be Processed Within 24 Hours.
  • Look to see if the product has added sugar.
  • Acai pulp versus extract. The difference is how the product is marketed, taste and/or health benefits.
  • To preserve the berry’s nutrients, Acai must be freeze-dried.
  • Any Acai juice product should only be flash-pasteurized, which does not harm the enzyme level of the berry and is FDA approved.
  • No chemical preservatives.
  • Reported ORAC (antioxidant) levels.